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Lucy & the Machine creates beautiful, colourful & bespoke upholstery alternatives. 

Using ethical & locally sourced materials. After being unable to find furniture pieces to compliment her own home, she decided to make her own - and the rest is history! 


A brand new business, requiring everything from logo to website. To represent Lucy's energy and her love of colour, all with a playful twist. Free rein on all aspects. 


I based Lucy's logo on herself, as I wanted to encapsulate this business within herself. She had given up her day job and begun to follow her heart for this business, so it was really personal and important step for her.

The colours were initially based on Lucy's first creation, a beautiful patchwork nursing chair. I altered the colours for print and screen until we arrived at these; playful and bright, yet complimentary. 

I chose the font 'American Typewriter' for Lucy's headings and Logo. It has a slight industrial appearance, being a typewriter font, while being very rounded and open. This had the perfect balance for the impression that Lucy wanted her business to portray. 

To see my work in situ, click here.